If you paid to register a Power of Attorney in England or Wales between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017, you are owed a refund of up to £54.

When you register a Power of Attorney, whether for finance and property or for health and welfare, you are charged an application fee, set by the Ministry of Justice and paid to the Office of the Public Guardian.

Between 2013 and 2017, the operating costs of the Office of the Public Guardian decreased, but the application fee stayed the same, at £110. As the fee is simply supposed to cover operating costs, the Government is now repaying the difference between what applicants paid and what they should have paid, plus interest.

There are two types of Power of Attorney, one for finance and property and another for health and welfare. Some people may have registered both types during this period and will be able to claim a refund of up to £108.

How much you can reclaim depends on when you paid for the registration of the Power of Attorney, and whether you paid the full registration fee or the half-price fee, which is offered to those with an income of less than £12,000 a year or who are on certain benefits.

For more information or to claim your refund, please visit https://www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney-refund.

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