In England or Wales, you can get a divorce if you have a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK, including same-sex marriage, and if you have been married at least one year where the relationship has permanently broken down.

The process of divorce should take around 4 to 6 months, and although that may seem incredibly daunting, there are a few ways for you to prepare and make it a bit less stressful.

100% Sure

By exploring all of the options of trying to fix your relationship and making sure that you have done everything to make it work, your decision to file for divorce will feel justified. You will be able to safely say that you are 100% sure that this is the right choice for your relationship and marriage, and be able to fully commit to the divorce procedure.


There are various documents that are necessary for your divorce agreement that state your finances over a period of time. It is important to gather all of this information together and store it in a safe, accessible file so you are prepared for when they are needed within the process. These documents include: pay slips, credit card statements, insurance policies, tax returns, employment contracts, wills, etc.

Enlist Professional Help

Consulting a family lawyer is one of the most beneficial ways to prepare for your divorce as they are able to discuss all of your options with you. Although support from your friends and family will also be beneficial, a professional will offer you useful advice specific to your circumstances.

Help and guidance will be provided every step of the way by our committed team when it comes to applying for a divorce. We always aim for the process to be as simple and straightforward as it can be so it doesn’t cause more stress and take longer than it has to.

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