We act for employers to defend claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal.

Total cost of service

The total cost for this service ranges between £10,000 – £40,000 (excluding VAT) and will be entirely dependent on the complexity of your case.

Our time is charged at an hourly rate and we estimate that this type of work will take between 30 – 150 hours to complete. After an initial consultation with a member of our team, you will be provided with an overview of the work we will undertake for you, the timeframe we will work to and an estimate of the fees we will charge.

What’s included in the price?

We offer a personalised service for all of our business clients and as such include all of the key elements to working on your case are included. These include:

  • An initial consultation with a solicitor. (If you decide not to pursue the matter after this initial consultation, there will be a one-off charge for the consultation fee.)
  • All meetings, emails, telephone calls.
  • The preparation of documents, statements.

What factors could increase or decrease the price?

Each matter is unique and will be considered on its own merits. However, the following factors will have a bearing on the amount of work your case will involve and therefore the cost estimate we will provide you with:

  • The number of different claims.
  • The number of documents relating to the matter.
  • Whether an employee/s is difficult to communicate with.
  • The number of witnesses involved.
  • The length of witness statements.

What isn’t included in the price/service that a client might expect to be?

There should not be any disbursements relating to matters of this nature. However, if we instruct Counsel on your behalf, their fees would not be included in our Fee Estimate. We will notify you in advance if this becomes necessary.

The typical timescales and key stages for the given legal service

In our experience, matters of this nature can take anywhere between 6 months to 3 years to resolve. Once we have collated the particulars of your case, we can give you more accurate estimate of the timescales involved.

The kay stages involved in a matter of this nature are as follows:

  • The giving of initial advice.
  • Submitting the defence.
  • Disclosing documents.
  • Preparing statements.
  • Skeleton arguments.
  • Attending trial.


Experience and qualifications

Dr Nicholas Amor MA (Oxon) PhD
Qualified 1983
30 years’ experience

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