Charity Law Explained

This page has been written to understand more about the different areas we cover in advice for charities – both start up and established. If you would like more information about our charity law team or think we can help your situation, view our Charity Law page.

As charities become more sophisticated, and the issues facing them become more complex, our experience is that our client charities prefer us to have a real understanding of their needs and aims.

We are here to help you achieve your aims by delivering specialist advice and practical solutions in an efficient and user-friendly way. We are proactive, approachable and take a real interest in what you are trying to achieve.

With 15 years’ specialist experience in advising Charities, we have in-depth experience in legal and business-advisory issues such as:-

  • Setting up a charity – offering structural advice for charities and assisting in the process of registration with the Charity Commission
  • Helping charities ensure that their constitution is kept up-to-date
  • Maximising the effectiveness of fundraising and lottery applications
  • Negotiating funding agreements
  • Assisting with the process of identifying and cementing commercial partnerships
  • Advising on charitable mergers and reorganizations
  • Pre-empting and assisting with Charity Commission reviews and investigations
  • Offering assistance regarding compliance with Charity Commission orders and schemes
  • Clarifying trustee duties
  • Offering advice regarding Trustee remuneration
  • Providing practical, relevant assistance with Project Management
  • Advising on methods of maximising trading efficiency
  • Assisting with charitable lotteries and promotions
  • Offering advice regarding Insurances

Why use our Charity Department?

Maximise Charitable Income

  • We will help you get the best value from investment advisers in terms of advice, performance and reporting.
  • We can help develop, streamline & monitor trading initiatives.
  • We can advise you on fundraising initiatives which capitalise on Gift Aid and share gift reliefs.
  • We can assist with regard to setting up payroll-giving with a commercial sector partner.
  • We can help encourage enterprise in particular with sources of funding – e.g. European funds.

Increase Productivity / Efficiency

  • We can advise on developing the skills of key managers.
  • We can help you explore the possibility of joint initiatives with other charities to achieve economies of scale, generating increased negotiating power and profile.
  • With an understanding of the level of available resources, we can help maximise the effectiveness of those resources.

Public Relations

  • We can advise on publication of articles in partnership with sector leaders or third party specialists.
  • We are able to offer advice regarding your Public Relations and help you clarify and target your PR efforts.
  • We can offer advice for charities on increasing the effectiveness of your website.

Risk Management

  • We can help you assess the training and development needs of executives and managers.
  • We can offer trustee training on specific topics.
  • We can assess your employee handbook and offer advice on means of improvement.
  • We can help with audits and spot checks of financial systems and procedures.
  • We can advise on the means to ensure that there is clarity and openness regarding potential trustee conflicts of interest.

Efficient Planning

  • We can advise on the generation and management of robust and flexible business plans [both short and longer-term].
  • We can help ensure that any major new activities are cleared quickly with the Charity Commission.

Charitable Trusts – Grant Making

  • We can help you monitor your grants to ensure compliance with your objectives.
  • We can analyse joint initiatives between grant givers and receivers in an effort to maximise the effective use of available funds in the locality/sector.
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