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Family & Divorce, Collaborative Law

Our Family Solicitors are here with legal advice for both married and unmarried couples; to hold your hand when times are good, and not so good.

Call 01284 763333 and ask for Elizabeth Hodder or fill out the quick form with a few details at contact usResolution Family Department

    • Collaborative Law – resolving problems concerning children, finances or relationships

Family Law applies equally to same sex couples.

Professional Family Solicitors

As part of our core values, our family solicitors promise to:

  • give you pragmatic advice for problems that you have today;
  • give you front-loaded advice to avoid problems for tomorrow;
  • think and act quickly;
  • offer fixed fees;
  • offer a proactive and not reactive service;
  • transact business by email and Skype;
  • operate a state-of-the-art case management system enabling immediate progress reports by any member of the Family Department;
  • provide all bills with itemised breakdowns for every piece of work undertaken on your case.

Most of our client relationships start with a meeting at our offices in Bury St Edmunds, though we are able to see our clients at our London Office by appointment.

Our Family Solicitors regularly act for clients who live abroad and who (for many reasons) wish to bring proceedings in relation either to children of the relationship, or the relationship itself, in the Courts of England and Wales. We comply with the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, and can, in appropriate circumstances, conduct a case for a client without ever meeting them. We will explain to you the regulations we need to comply with in order to conduct your case without meeting you face to face.

In the majority of cases, we act for clients with whom we meet, no more than once or twice, throughout the duration of the case. We accept instructions from clients based anywhere in the world and many of our cases are conducted solely by e-mail contact.

Why Choose Us?

With our vast experience helping clients to obtain the rights answers, we have a wealth of expertise resolving issues concerning relationships, property and children.

Our job is to provide you with a safe harbour, during stormy periods of your life. We offer clear and concise advice, to help ease the emotional strain you experience during these times.

We offer new or existing clients a 20-minute free initial assessment meeting to allow us to listen carefully to your needs, and tell you what we can do to help you.

Other good reasons to choose Gross & Co. are:-

  • We try and keep you out of Court. Court is a good way of breaking a stalemate, but it is not the answer to every problem.
  • We do not build ourselves up by doing down our competitors. Our results and the feedback from our clients about those results, speak for themselves.
  • We think ahead. We do not just advise you on what needs to be done today, we think about what needs to be done tomorrow and the next day. By thinking ahead we can prevent problems arising in the future.This saves you money.
  • We speak and write in plain English.
  • You do not pay us to simply agree with you. By being upfront, our clients avoid unwelcome surprises and hidden extras. We do not give our clients unrealistic expectations.
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