The collaborative law process is a different way of resolving family law problems.

Instead of conducting negotiations by letter or telephone, all parties meet together to work things out face to face.

Each party has their own lawyer throughout the entire process; the aim of Collaborative law is to resolve family problems constructively, without the need for contested Court proceedings.

The Collaborative Law process can work particularly well to resolve problems relating to issues regarding the children of a relationship – where they should live, how often they should see the absent parent, which school they should attend, just by way of example.

We help to avoid long term damage to the relationship, which the formality of a contested Court battle could cause.

It can also work particularly well in the context of preparing pre-marital agreements, living together agreements or pre-civil partnership agreements.

Elizabeth Hodder is a Resolution Collaborative-trained Lawyer. For further information on how Collaborative Law could help you and your family, please contact Elizabeth Hodder. You can also read about our other family law services if Collaborative Law isn’t the right solution for you.

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