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Straightforward Divorce

A straightforward divorce can be concluded within four to six months if all parties work at the same speed and there are no delays at the Court. The procedure is relatively straightforward and no-one should have to attend Court, if the case is uncontested and if all matters are agreed by the parties themselves.

Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer all of our clients a fixed fee for straightforward divorce proceedings. Our fixed fee has no hidden extras – we tell you in plain English (and on one sheet of A4), what the fee covers.

Internet Divorce

It is natural to shop around for the cheapest price. Is it possible to buy a divorce on the internet? Yes. In reality, most simply offer a DIY kit, which requires the client to complete a number of complex forms and deal with the Court themselves. Our divorce lawyers act for many clients who have unfortunately attempted the ‘£99 internet divorce’ route, to their cost. The adage, that – you get what you pay for – is very true.

Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

We are well placed to advise civil partners in this area of law.

The procedure for obtaining dissolution of a Civil Partnership is very similar to divorce proceedings. Collaborative law is a very constructive way of resolving problems which arise between civil partners, minimising the need to resort to contested (and costly) Court proceedings about money and/or children. Visit our Collaborative law section for more information or email Elizabeth Hodder.

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