As divorce rates increase, Pre-marital Agreements (also known as Pre-nuptial Agreements), are becoming more common. Couples wish to set down guidelines to cover the (hopefully unlikely) event of a marriage not working out.

Drawing up an Agreement using the Collaborative Law process is ideal, as it involves the parties negotiating face to face. After all, when a couple is about to embark on a lifelong relationship, it isn’t really appropriate for each of them to have lawyers writing formal letters about the consequences of the relationship ending before it has really begun.

Courts in this country are taking more and more notice of Pre-marital Agreements.

After all, if two adults freely enter into an Agreement, each with the benefit of independent legal advice, why should the Court not give effect to the parties’ wishes?

By buying holiday insurance we do not jinx the holiday. We are just sensibly planning ahead for every eventuality. That is exactly what a Pre-marital Agreement seeks to do. It will not jinx the marriage, but could end up saving many headaches and legal fees. It can also save the stress and anxiety which sometimes follows when, for example, a divorcing couple have made unequal initial contributions into the marital pot.

A Pre-marital Agreement is a sensible and commonplace means of forward financial planning. It is a simple and straightforward process, and need not take long from start to finish.

If one party to the forthcoming marriage has been fortunate enough to receive a parental loan, for example to get them on the first rung of the property ladder, a Pre-Marital Agreement is an ideal way to ensure that that parental generosity is “ring-fenced” for the party to whom it was given.

We can offer a fixed fee for preparing a Pre-Marital Agreement.

Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements

Before entering into Civil Partnership, both parties should consider the same financial forward planning, just as heterosexual couples do before marriage. A Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement gives the parties an opportunity to protect their pre-acquired assets, in the event the Partnership does not stand the test of time. A Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement is the same as a Pre-Marital Agreement, in all but name. It sets out what each party’s financial circumstances are before the registration of the Civil Partnership.

We can offer fixed fees for drawing up a straightforward Pre-Civil Partnership Agreement.

If you would like more information about Pre-Marital and Pre-Civil Partnership Agreements, please email Elizabeth Hodder or telephone 01284 763333 to speak to us.

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