Employers in the United Kingdom are legally required to make sure that every person they employ is permitted to work in the United Kingdom.

Depending on the employee’s nationality and / or immigration status, there are a number of combinations of different documents which must be checked and copies retained.

It is very important to not discriminate against any employee and therefore the work entitlement of all employees must be checked irrespective of their nationality.

Our employer compliance services include:-

  1. Assessing and evaluating an employer’s current business operations and human resource (HR) systems.
  2. Providing assistance with improving current HR practices in order to ensure that they comply with UK Border Agency duties as a licensed sponsor.
  3. Carrying out immigration audits and checking on the work status and entitlement to work for current employees.
  4. Carrying out pre-hire assessments for prospective employees.
  5. Providing ad-hoc advice as and when necessary including dealing with specific problems which may arise with an employee’s immigration statuses including, for example, assisting with the refusal of an employee’s immigration extension application.

Watch Sohan’s webinar about employing Migrant Workers, the penalties employers can face and the checklist you need to follow to avoid getting caught out.

For specialist advice please contact Sohan Sidhu, Graeme Kirk or Naomi Ogo.

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