We are regularly consulted by Contractors and members of the Civilian Component working on United States Air Force bases in the UK.

Below are some examples of cases we have helped with;

  1. A civilian component member/contractor who has retired and is looking to remain in the UK on account of his marriage to a British spouse.
  2. A civilian component member/contractor who has unfortunately let their permit expire and needs to make an application to regularise their status in the UK.
  3. An applicant who has had long service in the UK and is looking to apply for permanent residence (indefinite leave to remain) on account of their long residence in the UK.
  4. An applicant who is looking to change their employment to outside the Base and is seeking advice upon the options available to them.
  5. Sponsoring family members including spouses and children.

In addition to assisting individual clients, we also act on behalf of US Corporate Entities who are under contract with the United States Air Force to provide specialist services at RAF bases in the UK. We can assist with extending work permits in the UK including by organising same day appointments at the UK Home Office.

We also help employees of US Entities who are looking to apply for visas to enter the UK for work related purposes including assisting their family members to obtain dependency visas.

For specialist advice please contact Sohan Sidhu or Graeme Kirk

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