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Dr Nicholas Amor has been associated with Gross & Co since 1988, for nearly 27 years as a partner and now as a consultant. We are very pleased to welcome him back as our commercial lawyer.

Nicholas graduated in law from Magdalen College, Oxford University before qualifying as a solicitor with a leading City firm in 1983.

He is pleased to advise clients on a broad range of commercial, commercial property, corporate and employment matters and has a firm grasp of each of these areas of legal work.

His clients find his unusual breadth of experience and expertise a great asset in complex transactions that require a knowledge of different legal issues.

He also has extensive management experience in private practice, the corporate world and the charity field that gives him a different perspective on clients’ issues. He has been praised for his detailed knowledge of the law, yet ‘common sense’ approach to its application.

His clients have concluded the British Government, public authorities, private companies, partnerships and individuals. Nicholas is also a respected medieval historian, having been awarded a doctorate and an honorary fellowship by the University of

East Anglia and serving as Chairman of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History.

He has published a number of books and academic papers including Late Medieval Ipswich: Trade and Industry and From Wool to Cloth: The Triumph of the Suffolk Clothier.


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